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Alex Murray

Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Alex Murray is the Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator as well as Event Planner at the PAVE Centre.  Being a first generation American born in Miami to Jamaican parents, she exemplifies a strong appreciation for cultures and traditional values. Alex began working in the non profit sector at the age of 11, where she developed a youth expression curriculum and program at the downtown homeless shelter (Chapman Partnership). She was bestowed the honor of “Volunteer of the Year” by The Children’s Trust in 2011. 

With a strong passion for the arts, she danced competitively throughout her years in the Miami Dade County Public School System. She continues to teach and choreograph a plethora of styles to students of all ages in the Miami area. Alex lived in Ohio and Texas while pursuing studies in Nonprofit Management and working in sales. Upon returning to South Florida, she made a commitment to build on her philosophy of making a difference while making a living, truly delving into the capabilities of a career in the Nonprofit field. Additionally, she serves as an Employment Specialist for The De Moya Foundation, where she works diligently helping young adults with developmental disabilities sustain employment in corporate offices.