Audra Handal – PAVE Centre Executive Director

Audra Handal currently serves as the Executive Director for the PAVE Centre, working in her role at the Kendal United Methodist Church and coordinating closely with the Manfred Memorial Foundation as the Missions Project Manager. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Audra Handal started her professional career in the Hotel industry. She participated in a highly selective Hotel Manager trainee program in an all-inclusive hotel where she later served as the Sales Manager.

After moving to the United States, Ms. Handal became the Children’s Ministry Director at Kendall United Methodist Church located in Miami, Florida where she has worked for the past 17 years. In addition to the Children’s Ministry program, Ms. Handal oversees the Missions Ministry which includes work in the US and Jamaica. With deep experience in program management, Ms. Handal has developed and implemented Annual Missions trip, Vacation Bible School and was the primary leader of the mentorship program for at-risk youth from Jamaica in Miami which became the precursor to the PAVE Centre.

Splitting time between Miami and Jamaica, Ms. Handal is married to her beloved husband Charles and has two daughters who are both pursuing their University degrees.

Nasha Johnson – PAVE Centre Administrator

Nasha Johnson is the Program Coordinator at the PAVE Centre. Born in Kingston, Nasha holds a Bachelor’s of Science

Degree in Business Administration from the University College of The Caribbean. She has spent most of her life in Portland and is a graduate of the Titchfield High School.

Nasha knows the hospitality industry well having served as an accountant and bookkeeper for various businesses in Portland and Kingston Jamaica.

As a member of the Bethesda Gospel Hall, she is active as the youth group dance leader and is also active in other ministries, especially faith development for youth. Nasha is a proud Mother of her son, Micah.

Samantha Kidd – PAVE Centre Trainer

Samantha was born in Portland and is a graduate of Titchfield High School. She holds degrees from the University of the West Indies in mathematics and also has a Master of education degree in educational measurement.

She currently teaches mathematics and Pure Mathematics at Titchfield high School.

Samantha is passionate about music and loves to see and be part of positive change in youth.

Simone Campbell – PAVE Centre Hospitality Trainer

Simone has been in the Hospitality Industry since 1999. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), with Hospitality training from the American Hotel and Motel Association and Jamaica’s own Runaway Bay HEART Hotel and training institute.

She also has a background in Food and Beverage Service and housekeeping and has worked with most of Jamaica’s
top brand of hotel and has grown through the industry which has aided in her experience and knowledge base in general hospitality service. Locally, she has also worked with the Portland Industry.

Everton Johnson – PAVE Centre Hospitality Trainer

Mr. Everton Johnson was born in St. Catherine where he attended DInthill Technical High
School in Linstead. He then went to the Mico Teachers’ College where he majored in Mathematics and General Science. Later, he studied at the University of the West Indies and obtained a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education.

Mr. Johnson currently teaches Mathematics at St. Andrew High School for Girls and is passionate about helping young people transition in their chosen career-paths. He firmly believes in contributing positively to all the lives under his charge.

Mr. Johnson is an avid lover of good music and enjoys meeting people and discovering scenic places around the island.


David Comrie – PAVE Centre Counselor and Advisor

Mr David Comrie is a former High School Chemistry Teacher, Cadet  Trainer and Scout leader. He is a Certified Guidance Counsellor, Youth Mentor, Life Skill Coach and Lecturer. He is also a Police officer attached to the Community Safety and Security Branch, where he is the Divisional Coordinator for Youth Clubs.

ZengSha Guo – Manfred Memorial Foundation Administrator

ZengSha Guo is the Administrator of the Manfred Memorial Foundation which is a key partner for the PAVE Centre. Additionally, ZengSha works with SEE Inc overseeing operations, administrative and accounting functions. With a keen eye for detail and deep experience in operations, ZengSha works closely with the PAVE Centre on all day-today operations and strategic planning.

Born in China and raised in Connecticut, ZengSha now calls Miami home and is a graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance. Fluent in written and spoken Mandarin and English, she served for two years as the YPO Miami | Ft. Lauderdale Gold’s Chapter Administrator and was responsible for all event planning and member communications representing a international constituency for member from diverse backgrounds. At YPO, she organized all logistics for their annual Economic Summit, the largest YPO event for 350 people and worked closely with donors and sponsors.

Prior to SEE Inc, ZengSha was a customer service specialist working with high net worth clients and was responsible for increasing sales goals in all retail environments where she worked including Nordstrom and Emilio Robba, a high-end purveyor of floral arrangements.

Board of Directors


James "Al" Merritt

PAVE Co-Founder


Patricia Chin Merritt

PAVE Co-Founder


Yvonne Blakey

Coldwell Banker


Gulu Chanrai

Kewalaram Chantal Foundation


Donnie Dawson

Jamaican Tourist Board


Monsignor Michael Palus

C.O. Catholic Church Port Antonio & Speaker at Food for the Poor

yvonne ridguard photo

Yvonne Ridguard Harris

Attorney at Law


Evan Rees

SunTrust Bank


Ashley Smatt

Smatt's Jamaica Rum

Duncan Stewart

Stewart's Automotive Group & YPO Jamaica


Richard Thompson

Principal of Titchfield High School


Ruben Velasco

Reverend, Kendall United Methodist Church


Galvin Weston

Frenchman's Cove & Charbonnel et Walker