Orlando Spaulding- 2018 Graduate

  April 26, 2018

At the PAVE Centre, I had the opportunity to build connections with new individuals. Miss Khadi Stewart’s, PAVE Centre Lead Trainer, classes were not only informative but it was very engaging and exciting. Miss Nasha Francis, PAVE Centre Coordinator, is very meticulous and her deliverance is so detailed and powerful you can easily retain all the information that she is communicating. Miss Audra Handal’s, PAVE Centre Missions Director, commitment to the program was very astonishing, her presence made you feel a sense of purpose and that made me want to give more to the program and made it very easy to comprehend what was demanded of us.

Biblically based self-worth and life skills for me are two of the most captivating topics that was taught in class. The bible verses helped me not only to value myself but, to also believe that I can achieve what I set out to be which is a man of value. ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” I can now fully quote this verse with a firm belief in the message and I feel it connects me with a higher purpose through the lessons I was taught in class by the wonderful teachers. As for life skills I am positive it will prove useful for me in my everyday life as it gives me the capabilities of solving problems in a very time efficient manner, it also allows me to communicate very effectively among my peers, especially in the workplace. After completion of the class, Mrs. Francis and Ms. Stewart assisted us with resumes and also job interviews which helped me in securing employment in the hospitality industry.

PAVE Centre gives a new outlook on life and opportunities that you once thought was impossible to achieve. Not only have I learnt the necessary skills to survive in the workplace, I have learnt skills that will allow me to win at life.